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Plumbing e-learning’s linguistic depths

Recently, I received a ‘promotional’ email, which began: ‘Towards Maturity, the government (sic) funded organisation targeted at improving technology at work, are (sic) currently hosting a white paper by ourselves (sic) on the future of the L&D profession and the drive towards online learning… The Digital Learning Company is a business which focuses on supporting [...]

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Culture and ethics

Cultural expert Richard Lewis, of Richard Lewis Communications, made a good point recently when he wrote: ‘Our values can make a difference to what we believe is the right thing to do. And values, or the priority we give them, can be different across cultures. What do we believe is more important: the truth, or [...]

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OutStart – now the yak herders’ choice

The US-based LCMS vendor OutStart has merged with Hot Lava Software, a company producing applications for mobile phone subscribers. The newly combined companies will conduct business as OutStart. Massood Zarrabian continues as CEO and president of OutStart, while Bob Sanregret, CEO of Hot Lava Software, becomes vice president of the OutStart Hot Lava Mobile business [...]

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