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Royalty publicly backs e-learning

It’s not every day that Central Government and royalty combine to endorse and promote e-learning but that it what has happened in Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has stressed that e-learning plays a fundamental part in his plans to restructure and modernise his country’s education system. To that end, the Saudi Arabian Ministry [...]

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Equal employment opportunities – even for zombies

HR magazine has reported that The London Dungeon has recruited two new zombies to embark on a £30,000 per year career of scaring visitors. There were over 200 applicants for the role and around 60 were auditioned. Louie McKenna and Jeremiah Barnes were selected as the two best suited to take on the role of [...]

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Plato meets science fiction

People are being introduced to the key concepts of philosophy through science fiction in a course run by London-based philosopher Peter Worley. The course, run in London on six evenings in September and October, under the auspices of The Philosophy Shop, explores philosophical questions and themes behind much modern science fiction literature, films and television [...]

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Motivation matters

Farnham Castle, the Surrey based corporate events venue, has urged companies to take staff motivation seriously during the recession.   “A positive and motivated team is always going to out-perform competitors which have a negative staff attitude,” said Farnham Castle’s Jeff Toms.  “Focusing on staff motivation during the downturn is a cost effective way to [...]

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E-learning may not be e-learning any more

Speaking at the recent eLN meeting in London, Stuart Chadwick, of e-learning developers Kineo, commented that e-learning materials and programs could as easily be used for advertising as for ‘pure’ learning purposes.   Comment: He is right in the sense that what we call ‘e-learning’ is really only the application of technologies to produce some [...]

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