HR magazine has reported that The London Dungeon has recruited two new zombies to embark on a £30,000 per year career of scaring visitors. There were over 200 applicants for the role and around 60 were auditioned. Louie McKenna and Jeremiah Barnes were selected as the two best suited to take on the role of the undead, after the London Dungeon launched a recruitment campaign for ‘zombies – dead or alive’.
And, again at the end of July, estate agent Carole Bonahan was appointed as the new Witch of Wookey Hole. She beat more than 300 applicants – some who had queued since 5am – to the post, at the visitor attraction near Wells, Somerset.


Comment: It’s good to know that Britain’s equal opportunities legislation extends beyond mere men and women to almost all states of being.


It has even been revealed that the Government is considering holding a bank holiday in remembrance of employees who die while at work. So that will extend employment legislation to everyone. Well done, Gordon – but how many of them will vote for you when the Election comes?