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Dinner with an e-learning guru of your choice

A survey – appropriate for these pre-election times - by CitySocialising, which claims to be the UK’s ‘leading socialising network for outgoing professionals’, has revealed that Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg and Britain’s wartime Prime Minister (PM), Winston Churchill, are the politicians people would most like to take on a night out with their friends.   [...]

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Time to re-think the LMS

The US-based e-learning commentator, Elliott Masie, has identified that learning management systems (LMSs) seem to becoming ‘stretched’ by having to accommodate learning via new technologies.   According to Masie: “Many organisations are celebrating their tenth – at least - anniversary with their LMS. While these systems have been updated and customised over the years, in [...]

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Academics and industry value Learning Light’s e-learning sector report

Learning Light’s report into the UK e-learning sector in 2009 is winning recognition not only among the corporate e-learning community but also among UK academics. ‘The UK e-learning market 2009’ has prompted positive responses from both the commercial and academic worlds.   Using financial modeling and third party research, the report – which updated an [...]

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TrainingZone’s ‘head in the sand’ trick

Email’s ‘read receipt’ function can be invaluable. Not only does it tell you that someone has read your email, it can also tell you that someone hasn’t read it – and, of the two, this latter option can be the more revealing.   Recently, I sent out some stories – of a training/ e-learning nature [...]

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Time for an e-learning update

Learning Light is beginning work on updating its figures on the size, shape and state of health of the UK's e-learning industry. Last December Learning Light published its second report into the UK's corporate e-learning industry. In the process it updated figures for this sector which were first published in 2007. The 2009 report's principal [...]

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No sexism please, we’re e-learning professionals

The April edition of the ‘Chalkface’ diary, in E-Learning Age, the UK’s leading magazine for those in the corporate e-learning world, has taken issue with the list of the ‘top ten movers and shakers’ in the e-learning world published on this website in January (see ‘Bob Little’s top ten e-learning movers and shakers’, 8th January [...]

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Discourage the like-minded

Networks – such as those available via LinkedIn or Facebook – are much praised for bringing people together to enable them to share such things as information, ideas and even job offers. Yet one of the worst features of networks that they are likely to only encourage like-minded people to get together. I agree that [...]

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