A survey – appropriate for these pre-election times – by CitySocialising, which claims to be the UK’s ‘leading socialising network for outgoing professionals’, has revealed that Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg and Britain’s wartime Prime Minister (PM), Winston Churchill, are the politicians people would most like to take on a night out with their friends.


Maggie Thatcher came third with Gordon Brown just two per cent behind her in fourth place. David Cameron was fifth. Former PM Tony Blair, BNP leader Nick Griffin and Paddy Ashdown trailed in the bottom half of the survey. Former Tory PM John Major and UKIP boss Nigel Farage, were joint last choice for a night out.


Comment: In the same vein, it makes you wonder which of ten e-learning gurus you’d choose to take with you on a mythical night out. You could choose from (in alphabetical order): Donald Clark, Ron Edwards, Piers Lea, Elliott Masie, Laura Overton, Nigel Paine, Steve Rayson, Clive Shepherd, Don H Taylor and Vaughan Waller.


That seems to follow the same sort of rules as for the politicians: one woman (Maggie Thatcher/ Laura Overton) and one who wouldn’t be able to make it in reality (Winston Churchill/ Elliott Masie). What you have to decide is which of these e-learning gurus equates with, say, Nick Griffin or Nigel Farage – but please don’t reveal your choices to anyone!