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Becta’s ill wind

The extremely imminent demise of the publicly-funded body, Becta – a casualty of the coalition Government’s cuts – has prompted a number of developments in the learning technology field.   Towards Maturity has raised its profile, signing up ambassadors from the industry, to bring more organisations into its benchmarking and information gathering fold.   Learning [...]

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Sex, Italians, the US military, Barack Obama – and mobile learning

Here’s a story of mobile learning being put to use to help alleviate the effects of an age-old human tragedy: human trafficking.   The Italy-based learning content management and digital repository solution provider, eXact learning solutions, along with other companies, is providing mobile learning materials to US Department of Defense (DoD) personnel to help them [...]

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Towards more benchmarking

Towards Maturity, the benchmarking and best practice organisation which aims to improve the impact of learning technologies at work, has launched a new benchmarking service. Called the Head Start Programme, Towards Maturity claims that this 12 month blended support programme will use benchmarking to help users find the most effective implementation path to enable them [...]

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From ‘e’ to ‘we’ learning:

No-one knows everything but everyone knows something. Behind this truism lies the principle of empowerment through collaboration. Say you’re exploring a theory about a little known or widely misunderstood subject, or you are researching an unusual medical condition, or you are trying to learn more about a niche art movement in the 1880s. Whatever the [...]

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Ten trends for 2011

In early January, the US-based eLearn magazine asked a number of ‘e-learning folk’ for their predictions for 2011 and then published them (see:   The would-be clairvoyants of e-learning included Elliott Masie, Charles Jennings, Roger Schank, Seb Schmoller and someone called Bob Little. Among the many predictions, the most frequent were: A rise of [...]

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The top ten e-learning movers and shakers – again

There is little chance of anyone in the corporate e-learning field ever being named in the New Year’s Honours List – at least not for their services to corporate e-learning - but, by way of small compensation, there is growing interest in the annual publication of the lists of corporate e-learning’s ‘top ten movers and [...]

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A thought for the New Year

Apparently the Duke of Wellington had an unusual approach to developing his battlefield strategies: he played with toy soldiers. In a large room, he’d build model landscapes over which he would set warring miniature armies against each other. But, unusually, he would act as the general of both armies - conflicting roles he immersed himself [...]

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