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Learning to hurt

Not for the first time, the world-renowned e-learning guru Elliott Masie has identified a new trend in the e-learning world. In his recent ‘learning trends’ newsletter, he writes: ‘Every week, I receive emails and phone calls from several colleagues in the learning field who are actively looking for new jobs.   ‘Some of this is [...]

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Size – and price – isn’t everything

Vern Tepe, Managing Partner of VAT Enterprises, based in the ‘Greater Chicago area’ and Vice President of E-Learning at ExecuTrain West, has sent the following message to members of the ‘E-Learning Companies’ LinkedIn group: ‘I represent an on-line resource that has over 4,000 e-learning courses, over 1100 virtual labs, practice certification exams & more for [...]

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Top IKEA customer service? Try Kuwait not Wembley

The Reddtich-based Righttrack Consultancy is celebrating the success of its customer service training programme in Kuwait. IKEA Kuwait asked Righttrack to develop a bespoke programme to boost the skills of the furniture retailer’s customer service staff – and, after experiencing this programme - IKEA has been voted best furniture retailer in the recent Kuwait Service [...]

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E-learning: profession or career

The recently published Kineo newsletter says – among other things: ‘We love to talk and, with so much to talk about, why don’t we all join in the discussion? We’ve set up a new ELearning Professionals Group on LinkedIn to do just that. 800 of your friends are there already. Maybe they’re talking about you. [...]

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They would say that, wouldn’t they?

At the Learning Technologies conference in London at the end of January, a panel comprising Donald H Taylor, Chairman, Learning and Skills Group & Learning Technologies; Charles Gould, Managing Director, Brightwave; Laura Overton, Managing Director, Towards Maturity, and Kenny Henderson, Head of Talent Development Operations, Sky, examined learning and development’s capability to support UK plc's [...]

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This time, it’s serious

News has emerged from the Serious Games Institute (SGI) in Coventry that, some three years since its inception, its founding head, David Wortley, has left – leaving the SGI’s operations director, Tim Luft, in charge.   In a statement, Mr Wortley, writes: ‘Following the SGI restructuring consultation, I have decided that the time is right [...]

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