Vern Tepe, Managing Partner of VAT Enterprises, based in the ‘Greater Chicago area’ and Vice President of E-Learning at ExecuTrain West, has sent the following message to members of the ‘E-Learning Companies’ LinkedIn group: ‘I represent an on-line resource that has over 4,000 e-learning courses, over 1100 virtual labs, practice certification exams & more for $240/yr/subscriber. Anyone interested?’

Comment: Just a minute! What is he trying to interest anyone in?

If you believe in your product’s learning effectiveness, why stress cheapness and size (number of courses) rather than the quality of the course content? What about ‘fitness for purpose’? Could it be that ‘quality’ is not a characteristic of these courses? In that case, Vern, you should ‘stack ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap’. It’s a policy that may work for a while but, as a number of India-based e-learning content firms have found in recent years, repeat orders are rare.