Not for the first time, the world-renowned e-learning guru Elliott Masie has identified a new trend in the e-learning world. In his recent ‘learning trends’ newsletter, he writes: ‘Every week, I receive emails and phone calls from several colleagues in the learning field who are actively looking for new jobs.


‘Some of this is the natural give and take of any field. And, most of the people calling land new opportunities in three to five months. But, recently we have seen a pattern of learning professionals still looking (for jobs) after seven to ten months – with very few leads, interviews or openings.


‘While I refer them to the various job boards (ASTD and ISPI) and talk about headhunters in our industry – many of these good colleagues are still looking and honestly, hurting…’


Comment: It’s a well disguised secret that this trend, identified so accurately in the USA by Elliott Masie, is also manifesting itself in the UK – and, in all probability, elsewhere in Europe too. In recent months, a number of well established ‘names’ in the e-learning industry in the UK have turned to self-employed consultancy as a way of staying in touch with their industry. At the moment, they do not always find plenty of work.


Of course, as an industry, corporate e-learning has no right to be exempt from the challenging vicissitudes of today’s economic life. And, at times like these, we all need to spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves – the bankers, for example, who have had to take reduced bonuses of only several thousands, rather than millions, of pounds this year.