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Kraków Conference throws light on Leonardo learning

Members of an EU-funded Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project – called the Enable Project – meet in Hotel Holiday Inn, ul. Wielopole 4, Krakow, in Poland, on 6th September, to disseminate the project’s latest results. The project deals with ‘enabling labour market entry and mobility to disadvantaged groups engaging across Europe in learning through innovation’ (see:   Efficio Poland is [...]

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Pendley Manor Spa and Conference Centre, in Tring, Hertfordshire – an excellent and highly recommended venue that I’ve visited many times, both as a delegate and as a trainer – has just published the following special offer for weddings there: ‘For every ten guests booked on our Opal Package, one guest goes free!’   Comment: [...]

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Waste King rescues Giant African Land Snail

  Here’s a bizarre but heart-warming story for the summer holiday ‘silly season’.   Glenn Currie, managing director of the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company, Waste King, explained: “One of our customers was moving to the USA and so had to get rid of her pet Giant African Land Snail. We were [...]

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British small businesses opt for DIY

A recent survey of 760 business owners – conducted by DIY website builder - has found that UK start-up businesses are now carrying out tasks themselves rather than outsourcing these to a professional. When asked for the main reason they chose the DIY option, over 50% of respondents answered that the key factor was [...]

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The trouble with training

A recently-published report by the National Audit Office (NAO) estimates that the Civil Service wastes hundreds of millions of pounds every year - some £275m  in the last year alone - putting staff through training courses that ‘do not work’. Less than half of the staff questioned by the NAO felt the training they received [...]

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Swiss Political party bans PowerPoint

In his blog (, Martin Couzins, the Acting Editor of TrainingZone, has reported, that Matthias Pöhm, a Swiss who trains people in public speaking, is so enraged by PowerPoint presentations that he has created a political party - The Anti-PowerPoint Party ( - with the sole aim of banning presentation software. The Anti-PowerPoint Party aims [...]

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Eight biographical words to avoid

Writing a blog on BNET, the CBS Interactive business network, (, Jeff Hayden revealed that, after some extensive research into Twitter users’ biographies, he dislikes the following – over-used – words: ‘Passionate’ You can have one passion. Four ‘passions’ are interests. And can anyone truly be passionate about ‘delivering lasting customer value’, ‘teaching small businesses [...]

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Norman Wisdom could solve Europe’s problems, allegedly

Europe is in a mess. It’s not just Greece that’s up to the hilt in debt. With the exception of Germany and (probably) France, every one of the Eurozone countries is – or is shortly to be – in some sort of financial trouble. Indeed, the people of Germany are now wondering why they have [...]

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Good news for everyone except those in HR

Nearer to home – at least for Bob Little Press & PR - chartered accountants and business advisers firm Rayner Essex recently conducted a business survey in conjunction with the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry.   The survey, which looked at economic trends, business confidence and the business environment in Hertfordshire and is available [...]

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