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Twenty tips for business success

The current challenging economic climate is persuading many people who feel that don’t have many prospects of getting a (new) job, to start up their own businesses. Here are some tips for wannabe successful business start-ups. They have been volunteered by a number of highly successful businesspeople, from a variety of industries, who are based [...]

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Current news and business feeds for e-learning platform

New York Times News Syndicate (NYTNS) videos and Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles – along with news from Agence France Presse - are now being used as learning resources on distance Business English training, goFLUENT’s e-learning platform.   Christophe Ferrandou, goFLUENT’s CEO, said: “goFLUENT’s e-learning platform contains topical videos, articles and quizzes, all graded according [...]

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Compassion for ourselves

Writing recently in the Harvard Business Review, Tony Schwartz , President and CEO of The Energy Project, asked readers to think of the last time they felt ‘triggered’ or pushed into negative emotions by someone or something. Schwartz revealed that we experience negative emotions when we feel a sense of threat or danger. The trigger [...]

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Glassmaking giant improves its employees’ English communication skills

The US-based global glassmaking giant O-I (81 plants in 21 countries) is improving the English communication skills of its worldwide workforce with a unique blended learning approach. This approach – known as ENGLISH@O-I – involves a specially developed e-learning platform, with customised content, where learners receive consistent written feedback, as well as individual coaching, to [...]

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Madrid workshop on mobile learning

At the eMadrid Workshop on e-learning (, held at Ciudad Universitaria, in Madrid, at the beginning of June, Fabrizio Cardinali - Vice President of Global Business Development at eXact learning solutions – along with other mobile learning specialists including Marcus Specht of the Open University of the Netherlands, explored trends in mobile learning relating to [...]

Stifling learning technologies with vested interests

Opinion is growing around the world that the US, Canada and UK dominated ‘old school elite’ of learning technologists now need to recognise learning technologies’ appeal and relevance to the whole world - and so allow their colleagues from the rest of the world to play an equal part in helping to shape the future [...]

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26 years and counting

Apparently – according to Stephen Covey, writing in his blog – 15th March 1985 (just over 26 years ago!) saw the first ‘dot-com’ registration on the internet.   That was before my time in this industry – but I do remember a speaker at a meeting of the Association for Computer Based Training (which eventually [...]

Learning Impact Awards go platinum

This year’s annual IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS) Learning Impact Awards (LIAs) – announced at a ceremony in Long Beach, California, this month – broke with tradition by instituting a new, Platinum award.   This award went to eXact learning solutions and e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH), for the world’s largest and most successful online medical [...]

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Buddy, can you spare a Dong?

Back in 2009, when the world’s richest man was Bill Gates, with a personal fortune of $40,000,000,000, every citizen of Zimbabwe knew that, regardless of exchange rates, one of their brand new 100,000,000,000,000 dollar notes was not enough to even buy a loaf of bread. Suddenly, wheelbarrows full of money were valuable not for the [...]

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Heart problem misconceptions

The British Heart Foundation ( is 50 years old this year (it began in 1961). This charity aims to bring about the conditions where people no longer die prematurely from heart disease. It plays a leading role in the fight against disease of the heart and circulation, so that it is no longer a major [...]

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