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Realising the benefits of ‘BI’

Having enjoyed 80 per cent year-on-year growth in 2011, LogiXML, the web-based business intelligence (BI) software specialist, is expanding its Partner Program in North America and Europe. According to Brett Jackson, CEO, LogiXML, the business intelligence and analytics market is large and continues to grow. The code-free development environment of LogiXML’s flagship product, Logi Info, [...]

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Colin, the Giant African Land Snail, continues his charm offensive

Colin, the Giant African Land Snail which the environmentally-friendly specialist collections, clearance and recycling company, Waste King, saved last year from being consigned to the ‘great green bin in the sky’ by one of its customers, has become both a teaching aid and a great hit with Sophie Dowling’s class at St Cuthbert Mayne School, [...]

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Mobile learning English iPhone application

    goFLUENT, a lprovider of business English via distance learning, has launched a Business English Training iPhone App. This App, which has been approved by Apple and is now available on Apple’s App Store (, is the mobile version of goFLUENT’s e-learning portal for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.   Christophe Ferrandou, CEO [...]

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Waste King’s weapon is environmental friendliness – and professionalism…

Customers choose to use Waste King - the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company – primarily because of its environmental friendliness in guaranteeing to recycle at least 85 per cent of all the waste that Waste King collects. In reality, the figure is now over 90 per cent. A recent survey of Waste [...]

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Invisible idiot

Someone – in the early days of technology – put the English proverb ‘out of sight, out of mind’ into a mainframe-housed forerunner of Google Translate. The idea was that the proverb would be translated into Russian and then back into English to prove that the software worked correctly. The result of the computer’s deliberations [...]

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European Maritime Safety Agency further extends its use of learning technologies

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, is one of the 28 Agencies of the European Union. It was founded in 2002 with the aim of reducing the risk of maritime accidents, marine pollution from ships and the loss of human lives at sea by helping to enforce the pertinent EU legislation. [...]

Ten items to recycle rather than send to landfill

In a further bid to reduce the pressure on landfill sites, Waste King - the environmentally-friendly specialist collections, clearance and recycling company - has published a list of ten items which are recyclable but are, commonly, sent to landfill. Waste King’s managing director, Glenn Currie, said:  “Waste King guarantees to recycle at least 85 per [...]

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London Borough solves parking enforcement problems

Islington Council is using LogiXML ( business intelligence software to trim resources as well as increase ticketing and revenue while improving customer service - and value for money for ratepayers. The Council has reduced contract costs, reduced staff overhead and improved customer relations within the first few months of using Logi Info, the business intelligence [...]

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Book Review (number 2)

This book review is also available on the Training Journal website. Digital learning content – a designer’s guide By Clive Shepherd Published by: Onlignment ISBN 978-1-4710-2920-2 Clive Shepherd’s new book argues that there is now so much learning content available in a variety of forms - especially via the internet – that [...]

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Book Review

This book review is also available on the Training Journal website. Seconds Away From… Outstanding Leadership By Molly Harvey Published by: Infinite Ideas Limited ISBN 978-1-906821-78-4 Having run leadership programmes around the world for almost 20 years, Molly Harvey has now distilled her wisdom into this book. She believes that many of today’s challenges [...]

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