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‘Hodological space’

There’s a Dutch saying that ‘windmills are placed where there’s wind’. In a similar vein, there will always be places where human beings want to go in order to learn.   This may well be because humans who’ve been exposed to any formal education process have become conditioned to this. So, for example, they’ll want [...]

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Learning technology’s benchmark study – and a suggestion for success

Towards Maturity’s latest – its sixth – annual learning technology Benchmark Study reveals that the top companies, in terms of corporate learning, are achieving substantial additional benefits through deploying technology in learning. This includes using learning technology to share good practice; improve talent, staff engagement and performance; respond faster to business change, and speed up [...]

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Seven performance management myths

According to Pietro Micheli, Warwick Business School, part of the University of Warwick, leaders and managers in both private and public organisations regard performance measurement and management systems as a key means to implement and communicate strategy, support decision making, align behaviours, and, ultimately, improve performance. Yet his research shows that they often encourage the [...]

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goFLUENT expands its operations in Britain

Increasing demand for its products globally has prompted goFLUENT, a provider of Business English training which works with many of the Fortune 500 companies around the world, to begin a recruiting drive for British-based native English speakers. They will augment goFLUENT’s existing team of 400 or so trainers, who are based in the USA, Canada [...]

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No laughing matter

Online learning materials developers may shy away from injecting humour into their programmes because one person’s humour may be deeply offensive to others. What starts as an attempt at humour can breach the bounds of political correctness and, far from achieving its learning objective, produces unlooked for adverse consequences for both the programme’s producer and [...]

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The benefits of hoarding

The message of Christmas is that it’s better to give than to receive but, by a strange reverse logic, Christmas time tends to make us become hoarders – of all the stuff we receive as a result of others’ gifts.   Now comes news that hoarding is not so bad – and it might even [...]

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Overpaid and/or over-hyped

The BBC has announced that Forbes magazine has named Eddie Murphy as 2012's most overpaid actor. Murphy’s recent box office flops ‘Imagine That’, ‘A Thousand Words’ and ‘Meet Dave’ mean that for every $1 (62p) he was paid for his last three films, they took an average of $2.30 (£1.40) at the box office.   [...]

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Product Review: Raptivity, version 7.3

Produced by Harbinger Group Harbinger Group’s Raptivity - a wizard-led rapid development software tool that comes with a library of pre-built templates - is one of the few options available for the professional learning designer/ developer. Users of this versatile rapid interactivity builder tool can create stand-alone learning content - or import the file into [...]

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Celebrating Movember and other charitable causes

Having pledged to give 30 per cent of its business turnover in one, nominated, day to the Milton Keynes-based charity, Medical Detection Dogs, Waste King - the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company – has recently handed over a cheque for £350.   Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to help people with life threatening health [...]

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The eTernity initiative for Educational Textbooks Standards

At this year’s Online Educa Berlin event, Fabrizio Cardinali, Chair of the European Learning Industry Group (ELIG) and Senior Vice President of Global Business Development at the online and mobile learning solutions provider, eXact learning solutions, will be announcing his company’s engagement in a new initiative from the Workshop Learning Technologies (CEN WS-LT) sub-group of [...]