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Making work meaningful

It’s about a year since Marjolein Lips-Wiersma and Lani Morris published their groundbreaking book ‘The Map of Meaning: A guide to sustaining our humanity at work’, which encapsulates decades of study and insights into one of management’s most vexing questions: why do some workplaces packed with engaged and motivated workers while others appear packed with [...]

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Never mind the length, what about the width?

According to an article by Chris Dede, a professor in learning technologies at Harvard Graduate School of Education, in the US publication Education Week, 21st century education requires ‘lifewide learning’.   The article argues that: ‘Educational transformation is coming not because of the increasing ineffectiveness of schools in meeting society's needs - through that’s a [...]

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A step forward in LCMS technology

Unveiled at the end of October, the latest major release - version 10 - of the eXact learning LCMS, and of its client desktop application eXact learning Packager 5.0, aims to add unique dynamic learning content publishing and personalisation features to the enterprise learning ecosystem.   According to Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO of eXact Learning Solutions’ [...]

Reaching for the Moon – making learning memorable

As we all know, money doesn’t grow on trees. Not even paper money is made from the pressed wood pulp that provides us with the other sorts of paper that we use every day.   Paper money – at least the sort that’s used in the UK, the USA and the Eurozone – is made [...]

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