Unveiled at the end of October, the latest major release – version 10 – of the eXact learning LCMS, and of its client desktop application eXact learning Packager 5.0, aims to add unique dynamic learning content publishing and personalisation features to the enterprise learning ecosystem.


According to Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO of eXact Learning Solutions’ North America and Senior Vice President of the company’s Global Business Development: “In future, LCMS architectures must be able to sit at the cornerstone of an enterprise’s content strategy, interoperating with the HR, L&D and ERP systems already there, to personalise learning content on demand. In so doing, they will develop a new learning content ecosystem which is much more effective and efficient than that in use today. Our new version enables contents to adapt, in real time, to the learner’s perspective and learning preferences – along with her/his skills and competency gaps, the learner’s location and the available device to deliver the learning and/or support. Version 10 is the start of our development agenda towards next generation learning content ecosystems.”


The new LCMS version uses an open framework which allows users to develop and integrate their own learning authoring template sets.


“Adopting a template-based authoring approach and flexible publishing and delivery solutions, allows organisations to achieve their goals, keeping the overall costs of e-learning under control,” explained Andrea Bocchio, Director of Software Development at eXact learning solutions. “A careful analysis of an organisation’s needs and the adoption of a template-based content production process and toolset is the first step towards ensuring the appropriate level of ROI for a learning organisation. Indeed, this makes the whole learning content production process simpler, easier and quicker – and therefore, in most cases, cheaper. It also significantly improves the organisation’s ability to repurpose its own existing catalogue of learning resources with limited effort.”


To improve the productivity of learning content production scenarios, eXact learning solutions has enriched its LCMS suite with a real-time rendering engine that, attached to the template framework, enables adaptive learning.


The new version supports the management of learning content creation and delivery for organisations that require a scalable, extendable modular system to meet high-volume, professional and consistent learning output demand. eXact learning solutions believes that he combination of rapid authoring capabilities and model-based automation of content production enables high-volume, professional and consistent learning output.


In addition, eXact learning LCMS 10 introduces XML based Processing Run time Engine (XPRE) technology  supporting real-time learning object rendering – with the ability to attach multiple rendering engines, content format, layout style and device coverage at the end of the publishing process.


For those requiring integration with a third party learning management system (LMS) or delivery portal, eXact learning LCMS 10 renders adaptive learning content on the fly and consolidates the same content objects in different standalone packages – such as a SCORM, offline HTML, iPhone and/or Android versions, PDF printout and so on – for further download, handover to an LMS or other use.


eXact learning solutions will be revealing further details of its ground-breaking LCMS via two webinars – scheduled for 14th November and 5th December 2012. For further details of these webinars, visit:  http://gnstx.gr/kpN