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Capitalising on the changing demand for e-learning

Many commentators and analysts agree that, increasingly over the last few years, the training industry has been changing. Among other things, organisations are turning to blended learning – a mixture of instructor-delivered and technology-delivered learning - to make training solutions more effective, affordable and sustainable. In particular, the growth in ‘mobile technology’ is [...]

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Keep taking the tablets

It seems that the learning community – especially the learning technology community – is always ready to define another way of learning and give it a new name. For example, the last ten months or so has seen the growth in popularity and use of ‘t-learning’.   While some people in the UK may think [...]

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The best thing since sliced bread?

According to The Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science, the three most significant inventions in the history of food and drink are the fridge, pasteurised milk and the tin can. The Royal Society’s list is: 1. Refrigeration 2. Pasteurisation / sterilisation 3. Canning 4. The oven 5. Irrigation 6. The threshing machine / [...]

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The importance of high frequency vocabulary to language learning

With the business world becoming increasingly ‘global’ and with English now well established as the international business language, learning English as a second language is becoming vital for those who want to further their careers. Within this context, research by Dr Charles Browne, Professor of Applied Linguistics and the Director of the English as a [...]

New Executive Director for Workplace Matters

Workplace Matters (WM), a charity which has over 50 years’ experience of taking Christian values into the workplace, including providing chaplaincy to a wide range of organisations within the private, not-for-profit and public sectors, has appointed the Rev Dr John Scott as its new Executive Director. Dr Scott will take up his new [...]

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Rapid competency development via serious games

The research and development (R&D) department of eXact learning solutions has been working on developing a technology-enhanced learning (TEL) environment based on serious games that supports individuals’ rapid competence development within the domain of project management.   This work is part of the ‘Transformative, Adaptive, Responsive and enGaging EnvironmenT’ (TARGET) EU project (, which aims [...]

Good – and bad – times are probably just around the corner

The UK’s HR magazine has revealed research by the global professional services company, Towers Watson, showing that 31% of companies say they’re planning to increase their spending on HR technology in the coming year. The companies say that this will help them continue growth and improve efficiency in the face of a challenging economic environment. [...]

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Forbidden fast food

A typical fast food meal of a bacon cheeseburger and chips could – strictly speaking – offend at least 13 religions and over 60 per cent of the world’s population. This is because it contains: Beef – Hindus, Buddhists, Rastafarians and Sikhs avoid it, as do Zoroastrians when in mourning or on monthly holy days. [...]

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‘E’ gets the elbow

According to a report from Elliott Masie, the world renowned e-learning guru, the ‘e’ in e-learning seems to be vanishing. Masie’s The Masie Center, in Saratoga Springs, New York state, has noticed that: There’s been a 20 per cent decrease this year in advertised ‘e-learning’ job vacancies. Apparently, ‘e-learning developers’ are now more [...]

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Milk of amnesia

Recently, I received a request from a journalist (on ‘Woman & Home’ magazine) who was asking to interview a ‘psychologist with expertise in building memory’. I used to know just the man – but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten his name.

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