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Eleven reasons why e-learning is like cricket

  The fabled similarity between cricket and e-learning was emphasised a few days ago when E-Learning Age, in association with Unicorn Training, organised a one day seminar – on ‘the future of e-learning’ – at The Kia Oval, in Kennington, London. There, overseen by the portraits of many of Surrey’s greatest cricketers, the Texas-born, California-based [...]

Vado courses now featured on the Learning Light E-Learning Centre

  Vado is the latest e-learning production house to have its online courses added toThe E-Learning Centre website.   Vado’s learning courses are designed to help organisations take action to develop competencies and increase engagement among their workforce, as well as help new employees to learn about their new employer quickly and build contacts and [...]

Silver Fox labelling solutions in Vietnamese venture

  TTSVN has become a distributor for UK-based Silver Fox’s labelling solutions. The organisation, based in Vung Tau City, Vietnam, provides training and technical services, along with labour, for the oil and gas industry in that country.   “We focus on quality and professionalism – achieving world-class accreditation for our services,” said TTSVN’s owner, Le [...]

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Product review: New version of Raptivity

  Harbinger Group’s Raptivity is among the most well-known of the wizard-led interactivity building software tools for the professional learning designer/ developer. It comes with a library of pre-built templates, including over 190 interactions such as games, simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams and virtual worlds – and can be used to create a stand-alone piece of [...]

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Learning Light adds ej4 videos to its E-learning Centre

  Learning Light, which provides advice and help to organisations using e-learning and learning technologies to improve their business performance, has further enlarged The E-Learning Centre website by including a wide range of performance support materials from ej4.   The ‘ej4 performance enhancement solution’, designed to increase the intellectual value of human capital by instructing [...]

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Silver Fox labels pass Salt Mist Spray test with flying colours

  Silver Fox, a leading UK manufacturer of labelling solutions, has reported positive results from the most recent tests carried out on its labels – for salt mist spray.   According to the resulting certificate, which relates to the complete range of coloured labels produced by Silver Fox: ‘Environmental Test Service (ETS) performed visual inspections [...]

Waste King’s recent rubbish and recycling round-up

  Among the recent projects undertaken by Waste King - a specialist collections, clearance and recycling company that focuses on providing a service which is highly environmentally friendly – are:   Supplying two waste pods, along with one box for hazardous waste and two boxes for spent fluorescent tubes to Queens’ School in Bushey, near [...]

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Language learning courses added to the E-Learning Centre website

  In today’s global economy, it’s more important than ever to know more than one language. Thankfully – for those in the UK – English has become a major international business language but it is still valuable to know at least one other language, if only to help in forming and strengthening international relationships.   [...]

Burning test success for Silver Fox low smoke zero halogen tie-on cable labels

  Silver Fox the leading UK manufacturer of durable labelling solutions, has successfully flame tested its Fox-Flo® Low Smoke Zero Halogen Tie-On Cable Labels against a direct competitor’s brand.   Silver Fox recently tried a simple test. It set a flame to its label and also to one of a leading competitor.   The results [...]

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