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Learning Light offers alternative generic learning content

Learning Light, the e-learning market analyst and approved centre delivering Level 2, 3 and 4 qualifications into the workplace, is offering its customers access to an extensive library of generic e-learning content.   This move comes in the wake of the decision – announced in August - by the generic e-learning content producer, SkillSoft to [...]

Book Review (number 9)

Creating Community By Simon Reed Published by The Bible Reading Fellowship ISBN 978-0-85746-009-7   This book champions three practices – from the first millennium – to enable churches in today’s third millennium become living communities: a Way of Life; a network of Soul Friends, and a Rhythm of Prayer. Simon Reed offers these to answer [...]

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Docebo named as one of eight top performing LMSs for the UK market

Docebo’s Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), e-learning platform has been named as one of the top eight learning management systems (LMSs) suitable for the UK’s corporate learning sector.   The list of the top performing eight LMSs has been published following extensive research by Learning Light, the UK-based independent e-learning industry market analyst.   Learning Light Director, [...]

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Learning Light names its top eight performing learning management systems

Learning Light, the UK-based independent e-learning industry market analyst, has produced its own thorough analysis of learning management systems (LMSs) identifying its top performers. Learning Light Director, David Patterson, said: “We’re aware that other organisations – notably Craig Weiss’ E-Learning 24/7 - publish lists of the top LMSs but our detailed analysis relates specifically to [...]

Docebo outlines its e-learning market research findings to senior HR specialists in Zurich

Claudio Erba, the CEO of Docebo, makers of the Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), e-learning platform, will be among the speakers at the HR Directors’ Forum, being held at the Park Inn, in Zurich, Switzerland, on November 3.   At the Forum, having outlined the results of Docebo’s research into the trends in the E-learning market and [...]

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Waterways Chaplains gain key information at Workplace Matters’ training day

Waterways Chaplains took a day off from their regular duties recently to attend a training day which gave them a wealth of new information - to help them in their job of offering a listening ear and, where needed, a helping hand to those living on and around Britain’s waterways.   Organised by Workplace Matters [...]

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Second doctorate for Workplace Matters’ Chief Executive Officer

The Rev Dr John Scott’s second anniversary of his becoming CEO of Workplace Matters (WM), a charity which takes Christian values into the workplace, has been marked by his being awarded a second doctorate.   This second doctorate is in divinity and has been conferred by the University of Edinburgh. John’s first doctorate - a [...]

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Learning Light makes specialist e-learning market reports available

Three months after publishing a major report on some the world’s leading e-learning markets - A Review of the e-learning markets of the UK, EU and China 2014 - Learning Light is  making sections of the report available to suit the information needs of a range of potential customers.     Learning Light director, David [...]

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Learning Light offers trainers practical expertise in the light of BIS FELTAG response

Learning Light is offering its expertise to private sector training organisations which are having to develop strategies to meet the response from the UK Government’s department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) to recommendations from The Further Education Learning Technology Action Group (FELTAG).   The BIS response to these recommendations has been not just to [...]

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Brian Styles joins EdTrIn’s senior executive team

EdTrIn, the publicly listed platform for online education, has recently expanded its management team.   New faces at EdTrIn include Brian Styles, a former CEO of Programmed Group and senior executive of Drake International and Adecco – all of which are major global HR companies. Brian has joined EdTrIn as Head of Corporate Academies. [...]