The Rev Dr John Scott’s second anniversary of his becoming CEO of Workplace Matters (WM), a charity which takes Christian values into the workplace, has been marked by his being awarded a second doctorate.


This second doctorate is in divinity and has been conferred by the University of Edinburgh. John’s first doctorate – a PhD – is in engineering from Queen’s University in Belfast, where he obtained his first degree (a BSc) before entering manufacturing industry.


The Rev Dr John Scott, of Workplace Matters.


Sensing a call to Christian ministry, John then completed an MA in theological studies at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Florida, USA, and later served as the minister of two churches. Before joining WM, John was the chief executive of the Daylight Christian Prison Trust – which supports ex-offenders and establishes links with prisons, among other things providing chapel services and Bible Studies for prisoners.


Delbert Sandiford, WM’s Chairman, commented: “Naturally, we’re delighted that John has been awarded this further qualification. Given John’s current role – as head of an ecumenical Christian charity which seeks to ‘take church to work’ as well as to represent the world of work to the Church – this new award makes an ideal complement to his earlier doctorate.


“At present, a spate of new opportunities seem to be arising for WM’s chaplains and others to serve the world of work – in the manufacturing, retail, leisure, travel and other industrial sectors – as well as on Britain’s waterways. Under the guidance of John and his team, WM is working hard not only to meet these growing needs but also to generate and develop the necessary monetary and human resources.”