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Discourage the like-minded

Networks – such as those available via LinkedIn or Facebook – are much praised for bringing people together to enable them to share such things as information, ideas and even job offers. Yet one of the worst features of networks that they are likely to only encourage like-minded people to get together. I agree that [...]

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Social media scandal

Some 35% UK organisations believe that the impact of social media is now just as, or more important than traditional media, according to a study carried out by PR consultancy, Portfolio Communications. Despite this, around 90% of organisations are not allocating a budget to a dedicated social media programme - though 31% say they plan to [...]

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Internet beats TV and the press

The internet has ten times the influence of traditional print media on the average consumer, according to a recent study of 5,000 people by the global PR agency Fleishman-Hillard. According to the survey, the internet has double the influence of television, which ranked second, ahead of newspapers and magazines.   Fleishman-Hillard’s study went on to [...]

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