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Unpaid bills

According to BACS - the not-for-profit, membership-based industry body owned by 16 of the leading banks and building societies in the UK, Europe and US and which is responsible for the schemes behind the clearing and settlement of automated payments in the UK including Direct Debit and BACS Direct Credit - small and medium-sized enterprises [...]

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Neologisms and nonsense

One of the great things about language is that it’s always changing – reflecting changes in society, technology and attitudes, among other things. So, it was interesting that The Times has reported that the latest edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary has revealed this year’s additions to the lexicon.   New words that are [...]

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British small businesses opt for DIY

A recent survey of 760 business owners – conducted by DIY website builder - has found that UK start-up businesses are now carrying out tasks themselves rather than outsourcing these to a professional. When asked for the main reason they chose the DIY option, over 50% of respondents answered that the key factor was [...]

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Norman Wisdom could solve Europe’s problems, allegedly

Europe is in a mess. It’s not just Greece that’s up to the hilt in debt. With the exception of Germany and (probably) France, every one of the Eurozone countries is – or is shortly to be – in some sort of financial trouble. Indeed, the people of Germany are now wondering why they have [...]

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Good news for everyone except those in HR

Nearer to home – at least for Bob Little Press & PR - chartered accountants and business advisers firm Rayner Essex recently conducted a business survey in conjunction with the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry.   The survey, which looked at economic trends, business confidence and the business environment in Hertfordshire and is available [...]

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Mind your language (part two)

Research by Bob Little Press & PR into the potential pitfalls in learning English as a foreign language has revealed the 11 English words which cause the most confusion to non-native students of the English language – particularly in a business context.   When using any language, it’s vitally important to know what the words [...]

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Mind your language (part one)

Having a client which uses learning technologies to teach English (goFLUENT) has prompted Bob Little Press & PR to do some research into language learning. Among other things (which may well be revealed later), the research has revealed the ten most common grammatical mistakes made by those learning English as a foreign language. They are: [...]

A CEO by any other name…

Hard on the heels of Lucy Kellaway’s research into CEO traits (see ‘Handed success on a trait’ below) comes some research from LinkedIn which appears to reveal that chief executives tend to have ‘boring’ first names.   When it comes to the top job, being called Ed is fine but if your name is Tarquin [...]

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Handed success on a trait

According to Lucy Kellaway, a Financial Times journalist who has confessed to studying the traits of CEOs for the past 15 years, the seven most common ‘deadly sins’ of CEOs are: Being a control freak Being vain Being a ditherer Not listening Being a bully Being afraid of conflict Not being able to ‘do’ small [...]

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Success Factors share slide begins to Plateau, maybe

Wall Street analysts have been ‘talking up’ HR software firm SuccessFactors Inc., citing ‘confusion’ that may have led to a sharp 22 per cent decline in its shares over the past three months. During this period, Success Factors has acquired software provider Plateau Systems.   Canaccord Genuity analyst Richard Davis has upgraded his rating on [...]