Apparently, PR professionals make excellent CEOs.

Rosanna M. Fiske, the chair and CEO of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has leaped into a debate about whether being a PRO is a one-dimensional position that limits what one may be capable of doing in the business world. In a recent article, Ms Fiske commented: “Public relations professionals are expertly positioned to be successful CEOs due, in part, to their extensive role managing a corporation’s reputation, stakeholder relations and crisis management issues. PR professionals gain a strong understanding of the inner workings of a business, as well as where it fits within its industry and its growth opportunities and challenges.

“These are many of the same issues and concerns CEOs are tasked with managing, and, in the UK, it is noticeable corporate affairs professionals are exerting more influence in the boardroom.

“Furthermore, one can argue that corporate communications professionals’ main goal is to help businesses grow by connecting them in meaningful and beneficial ways with key audiences and stakeholders. Sounds like the role of the modern CEO.”

Comment: That sounds like good news. I’ll just wait for the offers of CEO jobs to come flooding in, then.