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How to buy the best, safely

Typically, buyers of learning materials want the best products at the least cost, in the shortest time cycles, with the minimum risk and from the best vendors. They also want ‘continuity’ from those from whom they buy.   Online learning is characterised by being produced by multi-disciplinary teams, to demanding project management requirements and – [...]

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The people aspects of learning

It’s all very well to promote the benefits of any or all forms of online learning – especially its flexibility - but people will only embrace this learning if they want to learn and are actively encouraged to do so by both their line and senior managers.   In addition to this managerial encouragement, there [...]

The fourth, annual, top ten e-learning movers and shakers

Now in its fourth year, here – based on nothing more than experience and prejudice – are the new lists of the ‘Top Ten’ most influential people in the corporate e-learning sector, in the World, Europe, the UK and Asia-Pacific.   Again, there has been increasingly keen debate among the judges as to who genuinely [...]

Observations on 2012

As thoughts and images of 2012 are consigned to history, it may be worthwhile reflecting on the – few – key developments in the online learning world that occurred in these 12 months. 2012: Was the year that HTML5 established itself. Tool developers who are serious players in the industry have ensured that their tools [...]

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A potential recipe for mediocrity: best practice

We all believe in – and would want to be seen to be adopting – ‘best practice’ but who decides – and who should decide - what is best practice? What does ‘best’ mean and how do you know when you’ve got there? How do you generate best practice and what do you do with [...]

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No formal learning please, we’re managers

Research (available from, carried out by GoodPractice, has revealed leaders’ and managers’ preference for informal or social learning. The study found that the biggest challenge faced by leaders and managers relates to having difficult conversations with team members. This ranked far ahead of all other issues discussed in the research, with over [...]