As thoughts and images of 2012 are consigned to history, it may be worthwhile reflecting on the – few – key developments in the online learning world that occurred in these 12 months. 2012:

  • Was the year that HTML5 established itself. Tool developers who are serious players in the industry have ensured that their tools publish to HTML5. Flash may still be with us but those who’re still wedded to it are finding it extremely difficult to produce effective mobile learning materials. Now, HTML5 is a completely different matter.
  • Saw the emergence of the next generation of SCORM, in the Tin Can API. With Tin Can, content becomes part of a larger group of things, called ‘activities’, and content creators become more like ‘activity providers’. Tin Can is changing the way that content communicates with LMSs. The LMS doesn’t need to know that the content or the learner exist until the learning experience is completed. This means that content (an activity) exists apart from, and outside, the LMS. It’s launched outside the LMS – making the LMS a Learning Record Store (LRS).
  • Saw the cloud become increasingly important despite the price of hard disk space declining sharply. Many development tools exist in the cloud rather than being installed locally. The cloud is rapidly changing the way we work – especially in terms of developing online learning – as well as changing how we inform ourselves via our access to news and comment.

A happy, prosperous and enjoyable 2013 to all ‘Bob’s Blog’ readers!