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Appeal for Learning Management Systems’ Customer and User Experience Data

The network-based media and publishing company, eLearning Industry, is inviting buyers of learning management systems (LMSs) from all over the world to collaborate in on-going, customer-led assessments of these learning platforms.   Christopher Pappas, the owner and founder of eLearning Industry, explained, “It’s important that the customer’s voice is heard in this marketplace – not [...]

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New data shows organizations prefer learning technology that matches how people interact informally

  A joint whitepaper from Docebo and Aberdeen Group highlights the future of learning.   Docebo, a provider of cloud-based learning solutions for today’s users, released a report today that shows organizations want a learning solution that captures learning that may already be taking place informally — on the job, through coaching and mentoring, and [...]

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It ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it

A recent study, published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication in the USA, has studied the impact of insulting comments about an article on readers’ capacity to understand the article’s content accurately. It has concluded that an abusive or offensive comment not only changes a reader’s response to what s/he’s read, it also changes her/his [...]

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Good – and bad – times are probably just around the corner

The UK’s HR magazine has revealed research by the global professional services company, Towers Watson, showing that 31% of companies say they’re planning to increase their spending on HR technology in the coming year. The companies say that this will help them continue growth and improve efficiency in the face of a challenging economic environment. [...]

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No formal learning please, we’re managers

Research (available from, carried out by GoodPractice, has revealed leaders’ and managers’ preference for informal or social learning. The study found that the biggest challenge faced by leaders and managers relates to having difficult conversations with team members. This ranked far ahead of all other issues discussed in the research, with over [...]

A CEO by any other name…

Hard on the heels of Lucy Kellaway’s research into CEO traits (see ‘Handed success on a trait’ below) comes some research from LinkedIn which appears to reveal that chief executives tend to have ‘boring’ first names.   When it comes to the top job, being called Ed is fine but if your name is Tarquin [...]

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Leadership development leads the way for learning technologies

According to a recently published study by Towards Maturity’s Laura Overton and Dr Genny Dixon, leadership and management development skills is the business area that will see the greatest increase in e-learning materials over the next two years.   The study, which included the views of over 180 organisations, encompassing over 35,000 managers, concluded that [...]

Reputation, reputation, reputation: the key to PR agency success

When members of Linkedin were asked recently: ‘When you’re going to employ a PR agency, what is the most important factor in making that purchasing decision?’ the PR agency’s reputation emerged as, by far and away, the most popular key factor – attracting 50 per cent of the votes cast.   While no one chose [...]

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Learning and talent development survey: no surprises but some disappointments

Funding for learning and development has continued to fall as employer budgets feel the squeeze, according to the Chartered Institute of Learning and Development (CIPD)’s recently published annual Learning and Talent Development survey. According to the survey, some 40% of organisations have either decreased funding for learning and development this year or anticipate doing so, [...]

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Freelance feelings confirmed

We suspected it all along but now we know: freelancers are more productive, slightly cheaper but hard to manage and recruit.   Recent research by the Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair has identified that productivity is the key benefit of freelance workers in the creative, digital, media and marketing sector. However, freelancers were regarded as a [...]

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