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Reputation, reputation, reputation: the key to PR agency success

When members of Linkedin were asked recently: ‘When you’re going to employ a PR agency, what is the most important factor in making that purchasing decision?’ the PR agency’s reputation emerged as, by far and away, the most popular key factor – attracting 50 per cent of the votes cast.   While no one chose [...]

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A study in irony

According to the 2010 State of the Industry Report from the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) - which collected data from 304 companies, with an average of 13,728 employees - $126bn was spent on employee learning and development in the US in 2009. Of this $126bn, some two-thirds ($78.61bn) was spent on the [...]

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An insight into the Special Relationship

According to an article on the Training Journal website (, the New York Times carried out research among Americans about what they feared the most in life.   The fear of death came a mere third, with the fear of walking into a room full of strangers coming in at number two. The number one fear, among the [...]

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Optimism flourishes among L&D professionals as well as lunatics

A recent survey has reported that 87% of learning managers believe that they can meet the learning needs of their organisation effectively - against a backdrop of shrinking resources, with 44% of respondents reporting either moderate or substantial cuts to resource provision. Some 37% of respondents also predicted reductions in staff during the coming six [...]

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Gender pay research raises questions

HR magazine has reported that research from Melbourne Business School reveals that it’s more important for women to be 'likeable' rather than good at their job if they want a pay rise or promotion. Professor Mara Olekalns, who teaches negotiation management as part of the MBA curriculum, found gender stereotypes were still in place while [...]

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Valuable and valueless

According to a new report by PwC, most large organisations now have an articulated set of values or principles. Only one in ten respondents said that their organisation has none.   The survey found that 80% of respondents realise that consistent and frequent communication are important drivers in stressing these values, but only 63% state [...]

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E-learning budgets increase in the voluntary sector

A survey of learning technologies in the voluntary sector - encompassing over 80 charities, representing more than 50,000 staff and volunteers – has found that: The top four benefits of adopting learning technologies are: improving flexibility of learning; improving access to learning; cutting costs and increasing reach. Over 66% of participants are looking for their investment [...]

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Exclusive club for e-learning

Whether or not the UK is coming out of recession, it seems that employee training is still ripe for budget cuts. Recent research, commissioned by the e-learning and content provider, IMC (UK) Learning Ltd, shows:   42% of UK organisations cite the indirect cost of training, such as time off work to attend courses, as [...]

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Learning providers are shown where the money is

During the current recession, three in ten adults who are working or looking for work have paid to learn new skills in their own time to help them get new jobs or keep their current one.   This is revealed in a new poll by elemense, the recruitment processing outsourcing company. The survey also found [...]

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On yer bike

Most people who move off benefits and into work say that having a job improves their quality of life, according to recent research by Working Links - an organisation that helps the long-term unemployed find work. Of its 1,300 clients, 80 per cent said they were more satisfied with life since finding work.   The [...]

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