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Google launches ‘cloud LMS’

Google has created an application experiment called CloudCourse. This is an open source learning platform, running under AppEngine, Google’s Cloud Based environment.  CloudCourse is being used internally at Google for several learning management system (LMS) type functions - from registration to classroom management. It is available as an Open Source codeset (available from and [...]

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Criteria for value for money e-learning solutions

Matthew Lloyd, managing director of the e-learning solutions provider, Omniplex (, contributed to the recent discussion, in London, on ‘Value for Money eLearning Solutions’, organised by eLearning Network (eLN) - a non-profit organisation run by the e-learning community for the e-learning community.   While welcoming the trend to use rapid authoring tools to produce learning [...]

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Ten top learning technologies blogs – and ‘free learning resources’ websites

Building on the success of this blog’s list of the ‘Top Ten’ most influential people in the corporate e-learning sector, here’s a ‘top ten’ list of learning technology-related blogs:.   1 Donald H Taylor: 2 Jane Knight: 3 Phil Green: 4 Clive Shepherd: 5 Lisa Neal Gualtieri: 6 Ron Edwards: [...]

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It’s official: Bob’s an e-learning guru

The e-learning industry has only been with us for about 20 years (before that, it was the computer-based training world, which was an offshoot of the IT sector). Perhaps because it’s such a young industry – certainly compared with, say, most of the City of London livery companies such as the Mercers, Goldsmiths and Vintners [...]

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Courses are so ‘vieux chapeau’

The word ‘courses’ is now extremely ‘vieux chapeau’, according to leading edge e-learning commentator Clark N Quinn. Writing for the eLearning Guild’s website, Quinn argues that, for all the sophistication of our technology, our view of learning has not really changed. In an era of semantic web, augmented reality, virtual worlds and more, we are [...]

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Base business on Bible, says business school head

A top academic believes Bible teaching should be enshrined in business training if future financial crises are to be avoided. According to a report in the Times Higher Education publication, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School’s David Muskett said: “We have been teaching business techniques in a moral vacuum.” Muskett, the head of undergraduate programmes, wants [...]

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