Building on the success of this blog’s list of the ‘Top Ten’ most influential people in the corporate e-learning sector, here’s a ‘top ten’ list of learning technology-related blogs:.


1 Donald H Taylor:

2 Jane Knight:

3 Phil Green:

4 Clive Shepherd:

5 Lisa Neal Gualtieri:

6 Ron Edwards:

7 Donald Clark:

8 Charles Jennings:

9 David Wilson:

10 (of course) Bob Little


And here’s a ‘top ten’ list of websites offering free learning resources:


1 The E-learning Centre:

2 The Open University:

3 TED:

4 Wikipedia:

5 Wikiversity:

6 Businessballs:

7 Learn Out Loud:

8 Mike Wills Learning Services (MWLS):

9 The eLearning Network:

10 Master New Media:


Happy reading and learning!