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Towards understanding

Learning technologies sector benchmarking specialist Towards Maturity is set to reveal the findings of its latest – fifth annual – research into the sector’s trends. Sources close to the organisation are suggesting that the preliminary results of the 2011 Benchmark Study have revealed: 72% of organisations believe that learning technologies help them respond faster to [...]

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Still investing to innovate: a tribute to the few

eXact learning solutions, global vendor of online and mobile learning content management and digital repository solutions, has released the latest version - version 8 - of its flagship product eXact LCMS. This new version will be officially presented at the DevLearn event, being held in Las Vegas from 2nd to 4th November.   As a [...]

St Albans Abbey’s Lady Chapel in launch double

The Lady Chapel in St Albans Abbey is the venue for two major launches simultaneously from 7pm on Wednesday 2nd November. There’s the launch of the book, ‘The Map of Meaning – How to Sustain our Humanity in the World of Work’, by the New Zealand-based authors Dr Marjo Lips-Wiersma and Lani Morris, [...]

Top ten Tweeters in learning technologies

Learning is one of those key skills that we all need. Thankfully, in recent years, technology has enabled us to find more ways of delivering learning than merely via a classroom. Learning technologies (sometimes known as ‘e-learning’) now provides a great deal of help to people – especially those in the corporate world – who [...]

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Commissioner’s cynical comment

Among the key findings of a European Commission ‘Eurobarometer’ survey on ‘Attitudes towards vocational education and training’ are: Vocational education and training - in which nearly half of all Europeans choose to enrol after their compulsory education - has a generally positive image among most age groups. This is principally because it is seen as [...]

Skip the skip

Putting waste in a skip is an accepted strategy – especially if that waste is being generated regularly as a business by-product. However, as at least one organisation has been discovering, having a skip on your premises can attract fly tippers. Not only does that mean that you have to pay for disposing [...]

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Enduring webinar wisdom

One of the great things about today’s digital age is that it’s rare to completely miss something of interest and/or value. These days, we can see television programmes and hear radio programmes more or less when we wish. More or less on demand, we can find podcasts and webinars on the web dealing with issues [...]

Time, tide and the fable of Reginald Bunthorne

If, like me, you’re a Gilbert & Sullivan fan, you might find your thoughts wandering to Reginald Bunthorne, the fleshly poet in the opera ‘Patience’, when you see the notice of next week’s meeting of the eLearning Network (eLN). At the end of Act one in the opera, Bunthorne has decided to raffle himself among [...]

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Glass houses dwellers in glass ceiling controversy

Apparently, according to The Times, most of the UK’s biggest companies missed last week’s deadline to set out their plans to put more women on their boards. Only eight companies in the FTSE 100 have so far announced how they aim to meet the Government’s stated target of 25% of directors being women.   Of [...]

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A sense of perspective

To continue the financial comparison between football and e-learning in this country (see ‘E-learning versus football’ below), Sky has revealed that English Premier League clubs spent £485m during the recent summer transfer window. Spending by the 20 English top-flight clubs was up £120m, or 33%, on last summer's outlay. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and [...]

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