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Book Review (number 4)

The lives, loves and deaths of splendidly unreasonable inventors By Jeremy Coller Published by: Infinite Ideas Limited ISBN: 978–1–905940–82–0   From an analysis of 30 inventors who changed the world, Coller – a former investment analyst and, later, investment manager - argues that personality type dictates the potential for success in bringing inventions to fruition. [...]

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Anyone for an e-portfolio party in a brewery?

CheckPoint eLearning has reported that the ePortfolios Australia Conference 2012 will not be held this year. Apparently, this is due to circumstances beyond the control of the organising committee, along with the financial uncertainty within some Australian States as well as in that Continent’s educational sector. It seems that – not so very long ago [...]

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Sunday Times and Daily Telegraph feature Waste King

Waste King, the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company – and, it must be said, a client of Bob Little Press & PR - followed up being mentioned in The Sunday Times’ Appointments section on 15th July with being featured in the Business section of the Daily Telegraph on 16th July.   The [...]

Study, learning and maturity

A recent request, received from a journalist, ran: ‘Here at Staffordshire Living magazine we are currently working on our Sept/Oct edition which includes a feature on the options available if you would like to become a MATURE STUDENT…’   Some people would argue that being a ‘mature student’ is an oxymoron.   After [...]

Content personalisation and dynamic publishing

Organisations that are struggling with issues such as how to use technology to publish learning content to users in the most efficient and cost-effective ways can gain some insights and practical help with these issues from a webinar on ‘dynamic publishing’.   “The need for advanced levels of personalisation in learning and training [...]

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Gold Recycling Award for Waste King

Waste King, the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company, has now added a Gold Award to the Silver Award it received last year from the National Recycling Stars Scheme. The scheme, run by E2B Pulse, the UK carbon reduction network, rewards an organisation’s commitment to increasing the amount of waste it recycles and to improving [...]

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A potential recipe for mediocrity: best practice

We all believe in – and would want to be seen to be adopting – ‘best practice’ but who decides – and who should decide - what is best practice? What does ‘best’ mean and how do you know when you’ve got there? How do you generate best practice and what do you do with [...]

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Let the games begin

Plato once said that: ‘you can learn more about a man in an hour of play than in a year of conversation’. If that’s true, we’re going to learn a great deal during the forthcoming Olympic Games in London.   Educators (including L&D professionals) should be interested in using games – especially those known as [...]

Addison and Machiavelli on love and fear

In an article recently published on, Video Arts’ Martin Addison, discussed whether it is better for leaders to be loved or feared. As he wrote, this is not a new debate. It was first posed 500 years ago, in 1512, by Niccolò Machiavelli.   .   Machiavelli, a civil servant in the [...]

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