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Organisations that are struggling with issues such as how to use technology to publish learning content to users in the most efficient and cost-effective ways can gain some insights and practical help with these issues from a webinar on ‘dynamic publishing’.


“The need for advanced levels of personalisation in learning and training materials has become a fundamental condition of effective education today,” commented Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO of eXact Learning Solutions’ North America and Australia operations and Senior Vice President of the company’s Global Business Development. “Knowledge must now be highly distributable within and outside an organisation. In addition, knowledge-related processes increasingly require timely, up-to-date, legacy content reproduction, re-design and re-authoring for every new device. Every time a new skill or learning need is defined, learning materials must be adapted to all those new contexts quickly, continuously and consistently.


“In contemporary learning organisations, content personalisation enables the adding of new media, skills and scenarios, extending blended learning far beyond the classroom and ‘traditional e-learning’,” he continued. “In line with what content management technology has achieved in contemporary web content creation and management, Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) currently enable automated content re-engineering by means of the advanced use of object oriented XML and XSL technologies. In addition, an effective learning process needs to support the complexity and nuances of learning objects, as well as the need to interoperate them efficiently with any LMS. It also needs to support new media and pedagogies, such as mobile learning, in a much more sophisticated manner than traditional ePublishing.


“In a nutshell, new generation LCMS solutions need to become ‘smarter’ and empower learning content personalization far beyond the way in which this can be done using a CMS and LMS today. We call this approach ‘Dynamic Publishing’,” Cardinali said.


According to Francesco Pucci, Senior Learning Consultant of eXact learning solutions, ensuring the right people receive the right – up-to-date – information at the right time can make all the difference between an organisation’s success and failure. He added: “With the rapid uptake of SCORM standards and the growing role of learning content in distance-learning processes, cross LCMS – LMS content delivery models are emerging in a variety of learning content publishing and delivery contexts. Choosing the appropriate LCMS and LMS technologies – such as that provided by eXact learning solutions for example – may help in achieving a successful shift in an organisation’s maturity model.”



Exploring these and allied issues, the webinar takes place on  Tuesday July 24th at 11am ET / 10am CT / 8am PT / 4pm BST / 5pm CET.


The webinar will outline a dynamic publishing framework, where content is held in the LCMS repositories and the LMS activates links to contents, giving learners access to fully fledged SCORM packages or even to single learning objects (also known as learning units, modules, activities or, in SCORM terms, ‘SCOs’).  Dynamic publishing – delivering learning contents directly from the LCMS without migrating course contents from one system to the other – involves combining a central digital repository, which has a single-source content publishing approach, with distributed content management processes.


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Comment: Modesty forbids me to reveal who will be hosting the webinar.