LogiXML, a pioneer of web-based business intelligence (BI), has announced that its UK based European business unit has exceeded 100 per cent year-over-year sales growth for the last three years and has tripled its headcount with plans to continue its aggressive hiring in second half of 2012. Additionally, LogiXML has expanded its Partner Program in Europe to meet increased demand from companies for its analytics, dashboards and reporting software.


“We continue to see an increasing number of companies in the UK and throughout Europe seeking to embed, interactive data analytics, dashboards and reporting into their operational systems and processes, including those that are customer-facing,” said Brett Jackson, the CEO of LogiXML. “We anticipate this trend will continue to gain momentum, with our technology giving us a significant edge by meeting this demand much faster and far less-expensively than traditional BI systems.”


Unlike traditional BI platforms that are complex and costly, LogiXML’s code-free development structure allows organisations to develop, refine and adapt BI applications rapidly to serve any number of users on any platform, all without extensive development or professional services. Additionally, LogiXML’s flexible and extensible architecture allows developers at software and SaaS providers to embed these data visualisations seamlessly in their own products and services.


In 2011 and again in 2012, LogiXML was positioned the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, where its products scored among the highest for ease of use, overall product functionality, support, product quality, performance, and customer experience.


Comment: LogiXML’s supporters, such as its European Director, Simon Ryan, maintain that LogiXML is rapidly becoming a serious contender and household name in the European BI space. Regardless of the extent to which this is true, it’s encouraging to see BI-related jobs being created in the UK and to see the UK supporting increasing sales to organisations throughout Continental Europe. Long may such trends continue.