Increasing demand for its products globally has prompted goFLUENT, a provider of Business English training which works with many of the Fortune 500 companies around the world, to begin a recruiting drive for British-based native English speakers. They will augment goFLUENT’s existing team of 400 or so trainers, who are based in the USA, Canada and the Philippines.


More than 2,000 companies worldwide use goFLUENT’s language training programme, which combines an online learning curriculum, including video available through a number of delivery mechanisms, with regular, individual coaching sessions in real-time with English language trainers. This approach has proved to be one of the most effective approaches in language training.


Skye Kennedy, goFLUENT’s Production manager, explained: “The ongoing recruitment efforts in the UK demonstrate goFLUENT’s commitment to the quality of our live training services. We’re proud to be the only player in the market that doesn’t outsource its training to freelance trainers and coaches. Our clients are assured that trainers giving goFLUENT lessons are 100% our own employees – employees who have been thoroughly trained on our quality standards for lessons and our strict guidelines for the data protection of our clients.

Skye kennedy, of goFLUENT.



“We’re expanding our team of trainers offering telephone-based support and coaching not only because the demand for goFLUENT’s corporate English language teaching is growing steadily but also because we want to expose our learners to a range of British regional accents. Understanding the variations in British accents can be extremely helpful for those learning to speak English, especially those in Europe and Asia who do business with the UK.”


She added: “Adult learners need guidance and support from others to sustain their motivation, which is critical in the process of learning a language. We’ve found that, for many of our learners around the world, business communication using British English poses specific challenges that we want to help them overcome. Having British trainers should be attractive for British-based international companies which want to train their staff around the world to speak British rather than American or any other form of English.


“Of course, learning a language is just a beginning. The real result is being able to interact successfully in the language – taking account of the many regional variations that there are in English.”


Since goFLUENT’s language learning programmes are customised for individual learners, the lessons’ topics vary widely from learner to learner, so would-be trainers for goFLUENT must be able to discuss a wide range of topics – and especially a wide range of business-related topics.


“We’re looking for trainers who’re great communicators,” said Skye Kennedy.  “They’ll need training and/or corporate experience, excellent English communication skills, the ability to discuss business and world events – and a genuine interest in other countries and cultures. “


Comment: It has always seemed strange that a company specialising in teaching the world’s businesses Business English didn’t use native speakers of British English. Now the time has come to change that – as demand for goFLUENT’s services is increasing and as more of the world’s businesses want to use British English.


Maybe the demand has not been there up to now because British businesses have been reluctant to become ‘global’ and set up offices abroad. Perhaps the world’s economic crisis has shaken that reluctance and British firms are now competing by growing their international presence. If that’s so, then long may it continue – and, presumably, goFLUENT would say ‘Amen’ to that too!