Among the responses to the publication, at the beginning of January, of lists of the ‘top ten movers and shakers’ in the e-learning field – in the World, Europe and the UK – were a couple which argued for the publication of an Asia-Pacific list to complement the existing lists.


So here, following a great deal of research and consultation with ‘e-learning watchers’ and commentators in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, is the first list of movers and shakers in e-learning in the Asia-Pacific region.


As with all these lists, please bear in mind that they are compiled on the basis of a person’s perceived current influence on the e-learning industry – as a practitioner, commentator, facilitator and/or thought leader. You probably won’t agree with all – or even any – of the judges’ decisions but at least you’ll know something about what other people think about the personalities who lead the corporate e-learning world.


Asia-Pacific list

  1. Anne Forster (Forster and Gibson), one of Australia’s foremost independent e-learning consultants.
  1. Sahana Chattopadhyay Enterprise Community Manager and Learning & Development Consultant at ThoughtWorks. Prolific tweeter and author of the ‘ID and Other Reflections’ blog.
  2. Sumeet Moghe Director of Learning and Development at ThoughtWorks, and author of ‘The Learning Generalist’ blog.
  3. Sue Waters Support Manager at Edublogs, lecturer, documentation writer, author of the ‘Sue Waters Blog’. Editor and co-author of ‘The Edublogger’ blog.
  4. Joyce Seitzinger Lecturer in Blended Learning at Deakin University, and author of the ‘Cat’s Pyjamas’ blog and ‘Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers’.
  5. Tomi Ahonen Mobile telecoms and digital communities’ consultant, recently rated number one in the Forbes’ ‘Top 10 Power Influencers in Mobile’. Lecturer, speaker, prolific tweeter and best-selling author.
  6. Anne Bartlett-Bragg Managing Director (Asia Pacific) of Headshift, Executive Director of the Learning Technologies User Group. Lecturer, and Education Adviser at the Australian Bussinesswomen’s Network.
  7. Amit Garg Founder & Director of Upside Learning Solutions, and co-author of the ‘Upside Learning’ blog.
  8. Manish Mohan Senior Vice President and Business Unit Head for India Enterprise Solutions at NIIT, and author of the ‘Learn and Lead’ blog.
  9. Ryan Tracey E-Learning Manager at AMP, Advisory Board Member at eLearn Magazine and author of the ‘E-Learning Provocateur’ blog.


‘Bubbling under’

Others who just missed out on making this year’s list included:

  • Leigh Blackall Learning Commons Coordinator at the University of Canberra. Speaker, and author of the ‘Leigh Blackall’ blog.
  • Zoraini Wati Abas Professor and learning technologist at Open University Malaysia, and author of the ‘Eye on Learning’ and ‘Research in Education’ blogs.
  • Rob Wilkins Head of Learning & Development at Aussie Home Loans, and author of the ‘Ruminations of a Learning and Development Professional’ blog.
  • Jeevan Joshi Principal Consultant & Founder of KnowledgeWorking, Producer & Community Manager at The Learning Cafe, speaker, author of the ‘KnowledgeWorking’ blog and co-author of ‘The Learning Cafe’ blog.


‘Up and comer’

Someone who has the potential to be a ‘giant’ in the e-learning world:

  • Aneesh Bhat Instructional Designer at Upside Learning Solutions. Prolific tweeter, and co-author of the ‘Upside Learning’ blog.


There are plans to include the publication of the next Asia-Pacific list with the World, Europe and UK lists in early January next year.