Docebo’s disruptive Cloud SaaS-based e-learning solutions platform has retained its sixth place ranking among the world’s top ten learning management systems (LMSs). The ranking comes from an annual, independent review of 642 LMSs by the internationally-known corporate online learning industry analyst, Craig Weiss, and published by E-Learning 24/7.


Craig Weiss.


In last year’s report, the Docebo platform was ranked seventh out of the 600 LMSs then on sale in the world. In Craig Weiss’ mid-year update of the report, the Docebo LMS was ranked in sixth place – and it retains this position in the new report.


The report – LMS Industry Rankings Report 2015 – is intended for those looking for a new LMS or who’re researching in preparation for buying their organization’s first LMS.


According to Craig Weiss – who, earlier this month, was named in a separate piece of independent research, as the most influential person in the world for corporate e-learning – the current trends in the LMS world include gamification is growing fast but many systems currently limit its use, and modern user interfaces are growing in importance, notably with the move towards greater personalisation of the learning experience. He believes that user interface; support and service; speed of innovation; adoptability and adaptability, as well as acting upon consumer feedback are key components of a world-leading LMS.


“Docebo has taken all this on board,” he said, “and that is a key reason why its LMS is currently in the world’s top ten.”


Commenting on Docebo’s high ranking in the 2015 LMS list, Claudio Erba, Docebo’s CEO, said: “It’s important to provide appropriate technologies and tools to help today’s changing corporate culture to adapt to new ways of working and learning. The Docebo LMS aims to do this and, in recent months, has introduced a Gamification App which allows Administrators to create badges – or awards – that learners can win for achieving things inside the LMS.


“And, being a Cloud-based SaaS, rather than either an open source or a legacy system, Docebo’s LMS allows for unlimited numbers of registered users – although customers only pay for the active users during any billing period.


“In addition the LMS allows users to upload external activities and certificates into the platform, which the LMS’s administrators can then import and review. Furthermore, in recent months, Docebo has introduced both Android and iOS versions of its Docebo Mobile app, allowing Docebo users to optimize their workforce mobility training activities.


“These things are among the reasons why more than 800 organizations around the world are now using the Docebo LMS,” he added. “Many of these are large, global companies and they’re using the LMS to co-ordinate the learning of many thousands of learners belonging to different cultures and living in different time zones.”


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