It goes without saying that publishing any highly subjective, even if seriously and rigorously judged, list is going to spark discussion and, maybe, controversy. While this is not new in relation to the now established lists of corporate e-learning’s movers and shakers in ‘the World’, ‘Europe’ and the UK, it’s a novel experience for those in the Asia-Pacific region, whose list was published – for the first time – just a few weeks ago.

The publication of the list sparked a number of ‘instant’ and interesting – if not always informed – reactions from Down Under. These included those who wanted to recommend people for next year’s list – such as Rebecca Hall, managing director of B Online Learning Group, based in Sydney, Australia.

Perhaps more characteristic was the initial response from Dr Mark Brown, of Palmerston, New Zealand. Among other things, Dr Brown is Acting Director at New Zealand’s National Centre for Teaching and Learning. He began: ‘I think your list of so-called movers and shakers has some major oversights.’ However, once he understood that the list relates to those who influence the corporate – rather than the academic – e-learning field, his attitude softened but he did recommend, for next year’s list, Alan Christie, managing director of Netspot, whose company recently put up $200,000 for e-learning innovation awards for the education sector in the Asia-Pacific region.

Comment: This is exactly the sort of discussion that is needed to raise the profile of the corporate e-learning sector, not just at a national level but globally. Long may it continue!

Of course, from a highly idiosyncratic perspective, another response – to accompany a wry smile – is: ‘And they call us Poms, whingers!’