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Living books prompt evolving skills for designers, authors and readers

    Aided by technology, books are taking on new characteristics – and that has implications for both their readers and those who design, write and publish them.   While we used to have to make the decision between buying a hardback or cheaper paperback version of the book we wanted, book-lovers have several more [...]

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Learning Light enhances its range of online learning materials

Learning Light, a consultancy with an in-depth knowledge and experience of the e-learning marketplace and how to use e-learning materials to best advantage, has enhanced its e-learning video library with two ranges of video-based learning materials.   From el:talking, comes 20 scenario-based videos around the subject of ‘difficult conversations’ with employees. These cover informal performance [...]

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Internet beats TV and the press

The internet has ten times the influence of traditional print media on the average consumer, according to a recent study of 5,000 people by the global PR agency Fleishman-Hillard. According to the survey, the internet has double the influence of television, which ranked second, ahead of newspapers and magazines.   Fleishman-Hillard’s study went on to [...]

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Pricey but prestigious podcasts: price plummets

Not long ago, the well known freelance journalist and contributor to The Guardian, Mail on Sunday and Daily Telegraph, Guy Clapperton, hit upon what seemed a great idea in these web 2.0-enabled times. He decided to interview HR representatives of ‘high quality companies’ (including Microsoft’s director of HR in the UK) and turn these interviews [...]

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The cost of learning

HR review has reported that staff use of the internet to conduct personal searches costs the UK economy £10.6bn each year, according to new research by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which suggest that the average British worker spends 90 minutes a week during working hours surfing the web for personal use. Additionally, the [...]

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Webconferencing is the answer – probably to every question

A recent survey conducted by communications consultancy group ICUGlobal has revealed that, from a poll of 300 organisations, 70 per cent rated ‘reducing organisational carbon footprints’ as a key driver in their organisation’s decision to invest in webconferencing and collaboration.   The survey revealed that while organisations are constantly reviewing corporate travel and other communication [...]

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Web wobble

Is the writing on the wall (again) for the internet industry? We are currently experiencing ‘web 2.0’ and this is enabling an apparently endless rise in the revenues derived from web advertising (with US internet advertising reportedly rising 25 per cent in the third quarter of this year to a record $5.2bn). As a result, [...]

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