Learning Light, a consultancy with an in-depth knowledge and experience of the e-learning marketplace and how to use e-learning materials to best advantage, has enhanced its e-learning video library with two ranges of video-based learning materials.


From el:talking, comes 20 scenario-based videos around the subject of ‘difficult conversations’ with employees. These cover informal performance discussions; managing change; managing difficult behaviour, and ‘more formal discussions’. These short videos are British-made and relate to the UK culture and workplace.


Learning Light is also making available several hundred mobile-friendly online learning videos from eJ4. Known as the ‘e-learning video campus’, these short videos cover a wide range of topics, notably focusing on increasing sales and improving performance (especially via supervisory skills). Cloud-based and available on a 14-day free trial, the videos are priced on the basis of the number of learners involved and courses required.


Topics from eJ4 include business grammar, communication styles, communications, customer service, health and wellness, key account selling, leadership, negotiating, presentation skills, professional productivity, retail excellence, selling skills and supervision skills. There are also videos on IT skills including Windows7, Microsoft office 2010, Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2003.


Demonstration versions of these learning materials are available on http://www.learninglight.com/elearningvideos


Comment: It’s interesting that recent research by Towards Maturity has noted a considerable increase in the number of organisations using e-learning video content from outside of their organisation. According to their research – Towards Maturity, 2012-13 benchmark: Bridging the Gap, Integrating learning & work – 37% of organisations used video in this way in 2011; 42% in 2012; with a predicted rise to 65% in 2013”. Learning Light’s own research fully concurs with this, as do several thought leaders, including Elliot Masie.