It’s rare to find e-learning in a mainstream book but an exception occurred recently with the publication of ‘Made in Brighton’ (208pp, Virgin, £14.99) by Julie Burchill and Daniel Raven. According to Chris Paling, reviewing the book the The Guardian (7th April), it celebrates the city’s cool beauty and bemoans its lack of plumbers. Part memoir, part polemic, it purports to take a ‘cold, hard look at the changing face of Britain, using the seaside vista of Brighton as a focal point’. Burchill covers her favourite topics – class, sex, drugs, celebs, money – while her husband, Raven, produces a sharp diatribe on the rise of new media which, in recent years, has made Brighton one of its key ‘homes’.  Included in this is his description of ‘Charlie’, a boss of one such Brighton-based new media company.


Comment:  Since Raven spent some time working at the e-learning producer Epic, in Brighton, there is some speculation about the source for the revelations in the book – and especially about the real identity of ‘Charlie’. Some sources suggest that at least one former Epic senior executive is less than delighted with his published alter ego.