The website, ‘: e-LearningNow :’, which claims to be ‘the UK’s e-learning resource…[bringing] together the key information you require to successfully implement and use e-learning within your training and development strategy’, has been contacting e-learning suppliers inviting them to spend some £55 for a short entry in its ‘Suppliers (sic) Directory’.


Comment:  Those considering parting with their money might like to run a Google page rank analysis for a few sites offering e-learning related information. The ‘: e-LearningNow :website rates as a ‘3’, while the E-Learning Age website gets a modest ‘5’ and the sites for the E-learning Centre and Kineo each rate as ‘6’. For comparison, Google is ‘10’ and Yahoo is ‘9’.


Moreover, one the highest rated suppliers on the ‘: e-LearningNow :’ list is AdVal Learning Solutions – which closed its doors in rather a hurry quite a while ago. So, if ‘: e-LearningNow :’ reckons that the defunct AdVal Learning Solutions is still among the top e-learning suppliers in the country, that’s not saying much for anyone else – at any price.