Time was when, if you were involved in the e-learning world, your dinner jacket would hardly see the light of day. These days, it seems, the e-learning world is one glittering round of black tie dinners.

No sooner have you had your dinner suit cleaned after attending the E-Learning Awards in London on 6th November but you’re off to the World of Learning Awards dinner in Birmingham on 19th November.

Moreover, the events are even attracting some ‘C’ list celebrities this year to present the awards – which is a step up from previous years. In Birmingham, the stand-up comic, writer, presenter, actor, as well as a regular on BBC 4’s ‘The Late Edition’ and Radio 4, Marcus Brigstocke, does the honours. The London event is being hosted by Angela Lamont, presenter of BBC1’s ‘It’ll Never Work’, and also features the National Lottery’s ‘Voice of the Balls’, Alan Dedicoat.

Comment: Both BizMedia (organisers of the E-Learning Awards) and Venture Marketing Group (organisers of the World of Learning Awards) should be congratulated for all their efforts in helping to bring some glamour to what is, almost by definition, a ‘behind the scenes’ industry. People in the corporate learning world are highly dedicated to their profession and deserve the odd riotous night or two of celebrating their skills.

Of course, as everyone knows in their ‘heart of hearts’, any comparison of disparate learning solutions – however objectively intentioned – is going to have more than an element of subjectivity about it. The same is true for every type of awards – from the Oscars and the BBC Sports Personality of the Year to prizes for cakes and vegetables at the village fete. Long may these learning awards last – so long as everyone enjoys wearing their ‘posh clothes’, has a good time and doesn’t put any store whatsoever on who wins.