The publisher, the Endless Bookcase, has expanded its portfolio of titles by publishing ‘Bob’s Exploratory Theological Adventures’. Acknowledging that, in publishing this book, his firm is, in many ways, exploring new territory, the Endless Bookcase’s managing director, Carl French, said, “Although this isn’t the first book by Bob Little that we’ve published, it’s definitely the first of its kind.


“Not everyone will agree with everything in this book – nor, necessarily, should they – but the book offers insights that at least some readers will find new, unusual, interesting and worth further thought.”


From the author, writer, speaker and singer, Robert (Bob) Little, the book’s collection of 144 short essays contains non-prescriptive insights intended to provoke thought, offering insight on issues relating to living life from a perspective of Christian theology.


Commenting on the book, the Rev Dr Michael Peat, Free Church Chaplain at the University of Bristol Multifaith Chaplaincy and Reviews Editor of the Baptist Ministers’ Journal, has said, “Little doesn’t shy away from controversial themes. That’s all to the good: expect to be provoked in mind and heart as you read this book.”


Local Anglican Priest, the Rev Canon Dr Ruth Goatly, said, “This is a rich, eclectic resource that will prompt thought and reflection for anyone wanting to spend time exploring Scripture.”


Bob Little, who has been Chairman of the Hertfordshire Fellowship of Baptist Preachers since September 2014 and is a long-term member of Marshalswick Baptist Free Church, explained, “The book is intended to be of interest to those of any age – and not exclusively Christians – who’re interested in applying biblical teaching to living effectively, practically and successfully in the modern age.”



‘Bob’s Exploratory Theological Adventures’ is available from The Endless Bookcase, price £19.95 ( An eBook version is available at £6.95 (