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Office party photocopier jape trumped too late

  From California comes news that Artec Group, a specialist in 3D technologies and hand-held 3D scanners, has unveiled a new service. Called, this service enables people - using Microsoft Kinect for Windows or Kinect for XBox 360 - to scan themselves, upload the scan to the website and be sent a miniature figurine [...]

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Top people’s favourite churches revealed

  Huw Edwards – yes, the Huw Edwards – along with the Rev Roger Royle, other personalities, dignitaries and invited guests gathered in ‘the media’s church’, St Bride’s Church, in Fleet Street, London, on16th July to celebrate the UK’s favourite churches. These churches were chosen by 60 top people from the world of [...]

Workplace chaplaincy tackles key concerns raised by Casino staff study

  A recent study, by Dr Guy Bohane and Professor Yvonne Guerrier, from the University of Roehampton Business School, has highlighted concerns about young people’s vulnerability to gambling addiction by participating in casino gambling. In addition, looking at those who work in the casino industry, the study also raises concerns about the impact of unsociable [...]

Private Eye notices Silver Fox

  The beady gaze of the celebrated satirical magazine, Private Eye noticed Silver Fox’s Margaret Thatcher-press release. Over the years, Private Eye has taken a great deal of interest in Margaret Thatcher and produced a ‘souvenir’ issue (Private Eye number 1338) to mark her death.   In the next edition (number 1339, dated 3rd to [...]

Time for a quick advert: Phelia boost to Music for Christian Aid

  Marshalswick Baptist Free Church, in Sherwood Avenue, St Albans, is – once again – the venue for St Albans Music Club’s annual concert to raise funds for the charity, Christian Aid. The concert takes place at the church from 7.30pm on Saturday 11th May.   St Albans’ recent singing sensation, Phelia – also known [...]

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Silver Fox CEO remembers Margaret Thatcher

  The funeral of Baroness Thatcher, the UK’s first female prime minister, which takes place on Wednesday, 17 April, at St Paul's Cathedral, London, will be of special significance for those who have personal memories of her.   Among those is Nick Michaelson, CEO of Silver Fox, the UK manufacturer of high performance labelling solutions. [...]

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Dead wealthy

It seems that even being dead can’t stop you from making a living. According to Forbes looked at the earnings of deceased celebrities’ estates for the 12 months ending in October 2012. The ten biggest winners are: 1. Elizabeth Taylor (died 2011): $210m. A sale of the film star’s jewellery and artwork raised $184m [...]

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Young, gifted and Brummie

One of the delights of a public relations consultant’s existence is receiving enquiries from journalists who’re looking for help with their stories. One that has just arrived, from ‘Birmingham Living’ said: I'm looking for candidates for our Young, Gifted and Brummie section - young professionals under 30 who have made a great difference to their [...]

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The best thing since sliced bread?

According to The Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science, the three most significant inventions in the history of food and drink are the fridge, pasteurised milk and the tin can. The Royal Society’s list is: 1. Refrigeration 2. Pasteurisation / sterilisation 3. Canning 4. The oven 5. Irrigation 6. The threshing machine / [...]

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Cunning linguists

According to the European wide project Language Rich Europe, sponsored by language teaching specialists, Rosetta Stone, all European countries have foreign language provision in primary education. Denmark and Greece make two foreign languages compulsory, while 18 countries have one compulsory foreign language. Only in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, are foreign languages optional. Also, according [...]

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