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European Maritime Safety Agency further extends its use of learning technologies

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, is one of the 28 Agencies of the European Union. It was founded in 2002 with the aim of reducing the risk of maritime accidents, marine pollution from ships and the loss of human lives at sea by helping to enforce the pertinent EU legislation. [...]

London Borough solves parking enforcement problems

Islington Council is using LogiXML ( business intelligence software to trim resources as well as increase ticketing and revenue while improving customer service - and value for money for ratepayers. The Council has reduced contract costs, reduced staff overhead and improved customer relations within the first few months of using Logi Info, the business intelligence [...]

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26 years and counting

Apparently – according to Stephen Covey, writing in his blog – 15th March 1985 (just over 26 years ago!) saw the first ‘dot-com’ registration on the internet.   That was before my time in this industry – but I do remember a speaker at a meeting of the Association for Computer Based Training (which eventually [...]

Fitting social media to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Speaking at a conference for members of Frost & Sullivan's Global community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL), held at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, Andrew Lamb, a Director of Appropedia (a wiki which focuses on sustainability issues – see:, argued that ‘web 2.0’ has encouraged new forms of social interaction and collaboration. He added that [...]

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It’s not just all talk

According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted at the end of March, some 80% of executives believe their company delivers superior customer service. Interestingly, only eight per cent of their customers agree. This statistic was revealed by Murray Cox, a consultant with the customer communication consultancy CCL ( Cox was speaking at one of a [...]

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Social media advice for organisations

‘Social media – we know it’s going on but we’re not in control’. That – according to communication strategy consultant Martin Hill-Wilson – is a typical response from businesses to today’s social media phenomenon. Hill-Wilson was speaking at one of a series of seminars on communications and customer strategy organised by the management consultancy CCL [...]

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From ‘e’ to ‘we’ learning:

No-one knows everything but everyone knows something. Behind this truism lies the principle of empowerment through collaboration. Say you’re exploring a theory about a little known or widely misunderstood subject, or you are researching an unusual medical condition, or you are trying to learn more about a niche art movement in the 1880s. Whatever the [...]

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The future – not the present – of work

A recent report - The Future of Work - from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, in association with the work-life balance charity, Working Families argues that employers need to adapt to a changing world of work to ensure they continue to attract the right talent. Discussing with employees how they want work to work, [...]

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Reading the signs

A report in HR magazine argues that employees would feel more comfortable with using technology in the workplace if it had been incorporated into their training or education. Research by Lifelong Learning UK reveals that one in five employees feel their job prospects would improve as a result of understanding more about technology. In addition, [...]

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Discourage the like-minded

Networks – such as those available via LinkedIn or Facebook – are much praised for bringing people together to enable them to share such things as information, ideas and even job offers. Yet one of the worst features of networks that they are likely to only encourage like-minded people to get together. I agree that [...]

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