David Patterson, of Learning Light.

Many commentators and analysts agree that, increasingly over the last few years, the training industry has been changing. Among other things, organisations are turning to blended learning – a mixture of instructor-delivered and technology-delivered learning – to make training solutions more effective, affordable and sustainable. In particular, the growth in ‘mobile technology’ is increasingly prompting mobile learning materials to be added to the ‘traditional’ blended learning mix.


Responding to these trends, Accipio eLearning – part of Accipio Consulting, the London-based organisational development specialist – is hosting a free event to share insights on how training companies can build an e-learning market presence. The event focuses on why and how training companies need to supplement traditional face-to-face delivery methods to survive and gain competitive advantage.


The event is being held at the London Headrooms – a meeting space in Clerkenwell, London, which is officially described as ‘funky’ – on Thursday 11th October from 5.30pm.


Sascha Benson-Cooper, a director of Accipio Consulting, commented: “Although e-learning has been around for many years, it’s not yet found mainstream acceptance – perhaps because of its cost, or because it’s not been understood or even because people have been confident with more traditional forms of learning transfer. But research continues to show that blended learning is increasingly effective as a learning strategy. Moreover, we’re now seeing companies putting out tenders not just for learning programmes but for sustainable learning programmes – and that suggests that they need technology-enabled learning platforms. While, traditionally, learning management systems (LMSs) have been expensive, their costs are continuing to fall rapidly – making them affordable and usable. These are just some of the issues that we’ll be exploring at the event on 11th October.”


In addition to Accipio’s Andrew Hargreaves – who is revealing insights into how training companies need to adapt for the digital world – the other speaker at the event is David Patterson, who is operations director of Learning Light, the Sheffield-based organisation which focuses on promoting the use of e-learning and learning technologies. His presentation – on ‘how learning and development attitudes are changing’ – will, among other things, mention the preliminary results from Learning Light’s recent survey of nearly 100 learning and development professionals.


“This research forms part of the extensive research which Learning Light has been carrying out into the learning technologies markets in the UK, Europe and, indeed, China,” Patterson said. “Incidentally, the Chinese market for e-learning is currently seen as a major opportunity for Western companies involved in the development and distribution of e-learning content and systems.


“At the event at the London Headrooms, I’ll be outlining some of the trends that the e-learning market, both in the UK and globally – is experiencing,” he explained. “Of course, the key to success – for e-learning developers and distributors – is to respond to those trends and harness them effectively. That, too, is on the agenda for 11th October. “


To book a free place at this ‘insights event’, please email: ask@accipioelearning.com