Women in the Caribbean are now benefitting from the award-winning development programme from The Springboard Consultancy (SBC), an international training company based in the UK, specialising in addressing women’s development issues.


When she was studying for a Masters’ degree at the University of Cambridge in 2008, Mandisa Regrello, a native of Trinidad, experienced the Springboard programme. The Springboard development programme enables women – from all backgrounds, ages and stages of their lives – to identify the practical and realistic steps that they want to take to make a better world for themselves at work, at home and in their communities, while building the practical skills and confidence to take these steps.


Mandisa received her Master’s degree, returned to Trinidad, married and became a successful lawyer. However, as Mandisa pursued her career, she wondered how to manage the demands of both her home and work.


Recalling that the Springboard programme had given her confidence level a boost and made her more certain about her life direction, Mandisa determined to introduce the Springboard programme to other Caribbean women.


So, in August 2014, Mandisa established The Momentum Consultancy, with four other trainers, to bring the Springboard programme to Trinidad and, then, to make it available throughout the Caribbean.


The first Springboard programme – sponsored by Caribbean Airlines – took place earlier this year, with 17 women enrolled on the course. A second programme concluded successfully this month.


“The women on the programme are determined to make the programme a success and the resulting networking is impressive,” said SBC’s Georgina Pullen, who travelled to Trinidad to support their first Springboard programme. “The Momentum Consultancy now has plans to expand the Springboard programme to Barbados.”


Springboard programme trainers in Trinidad: (from left) Althea Roach, Kieran Valley-Gordon (standing), Gloria Thomas-Morton, Mandisa Regrello, and Kaylan Bartholomew (standing) along with Georgina Pullen, of The Springboard Consultancy.


SBC’s Springboard programme is also helping women in the British Virgin Islands.


In 2011/12, when she had the chance to work in her government’s London office, Luce Hodge-Smith – now the Director of Culture for the Government of the British Virgin Islands – came across the Springboard programme. She liked the programme so much that she became a Springboard trainer, beginning with a programme for 23 women in the British Virgin Islands, in December 2013.


“The Springboard programme is fantastic,” said Luce. “On every programme that I’ve run, you see the transformation in those on the programme straight away – and it’s great personal development for me too. I’m looking forward to running the next Springboard programme.”