The Docebo-sponsored ‘Strategies for managing Enterprise Elearning projects’ webinar will disclose valuable information on how to successfully implement a large, Enterprise Elearning company-wide project.

Eleanor Mante, E-Learning Manager at Trinity Mirror, one of the UK’s largest multimedia publishers, will explain, among other things:

·         The way that Trinity Mirror got ahead of its competition via its training strategy and the implementation of best practices

·         Why defining your requirements at the outset really matters

·         The importance of a holistic, integrated ‘content-plus-LMS’ strategy

·         The advantages of adopting a flexible and easy-to-integrate LMS solution

·         How to make learning content available to, and monitor use of that content on, mobile devices efficiently and effectively

“Implementing a large company-wide Elearning project for over 1000 users presents a great many challenges at different stages of the project,” explained Alessio Artuffo, Chief Operating Officer in North America for the global elearning solutions provider, Docebo. “Underestimating any of these aspects can result in the project’s failure and a loss of competitiveness among your workforce. So, if you’re challenged by an up-coming LMS re-vamp, or even a first time implementation, discover what lessons theUK leader, Trinity Mirror, learned. This should help you address those same challenges and avoid the common mistakes associated with implementing large projects.”

Docebo's Alessio Artuffo.

During the webinar, Trinity Mirror’s Eleanor Mante and Docebo’s Alessio Artuffo will explore the classic pitfalls in implementing a large Enterprise Elearning project, as well as address:

·         Gaining internal buy-in

·         Accelerating implementation timelines

·         Dealing with the vendor and, especially, selecting the offering that’s right for you

The webinar – Strategies for managing Enterprise E-learning projects – takes place on Tuesday, June 3rd from 11 am PDT, 2 pm EDT and 6 pm GMT. It will last no longer than 45 minutes.

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