Apparently – according to a survey by information security company SafeNet – UK business travellers lose up to 8,500 mobile devices in the country’s airports every year. Those travelling from major London airports are the most ‘unlucky’, with more than 400 laptops and 2,500 other mobile devices lost annually. Meanwhile, business professionals using airports in north-west England misplace more than 100 laptops and 800 mobile gadgets – including BlackBerrys, phones and USB sticks – every year.


Comment:  These figures reveal a major challenge for those engaged in specifying, developing and delivering mobile learning materials. At least when training was carried out in a classroom or even at a desktop, you could be fairly certain that the learner experienced the learning materials (even if s/he learnt nothing from the experience). Now, in addition to taking up the e-learning challenge – of ensuring learner engagement with remotely-delivered learning materials – they will also have to ensure that learners don’t lose the delivery mechanism en route.