For the first time, a learning content management system (LCMS) has been named in the world’s top 50 learning management systems (LMSs) by the world-renowned independent analyst and commentator, Craig Weiss.


This LCMS is the one produced by the Italy-based digital learning content management business solution provider, eXact learning solutions.


Craig Weiss – recently named as the most influential person in the corporate online learning technologies world for the second year in succession – said, “eXact continues to be the leader in the LCMS space and this ranking only re-affirms it. The solution, which is now offered in the cloud, validates the commitment company has to its clients and the industry.”


Craig Weiss.


The Top 50 LMS Report for 2016 runs to over 500 pages and costs $599. This year, it analyses some 690 LMSs and acknowledges that, as in recent years, “more systems are entering the (market) space than leaving (it).”


This year, in addition to naming 34 LMSs in the ‘Top 50’, the Report also includes ‘LMS sub-sets’, including a number of Learning Platforms, Courseware LMSs – and eXact learning solutions’ LCMS.


While at least 30 of the systems highlighted in the Report are based in the USA, the next most popular base is the UK – with 13 systems based there. Also represented on the list are systems from companies based in The Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy.


Valerio Torda, eXact learning solutions’ CEO, commented, “In recent weeks, independent analysts in the UK and, now, the USA have recognized eXact learning solutions’ products’ professional credentials – and their ability to more than satisfy their customers’ needs.”


Valerio Torda, of eXact learning solutions.


The Report costs $599 and includes:

  • Top 50 LMSs for 2016, including an Executive Summary
  • 43 Profiles (12 pages each) – 48 Questions Posted (including fees and pricing, data security and privacy, latest features, roadmap for 2016, hosting location(s), support and training)
  • Top 3 LMSs by Vertical
  • Top 3 LMSs by Learner size (employees, customers and so on)
  • Top 3 LMSs by (Mobile, Social, Gamification)
  • Top 3 Next Generation LMSs
  • Top 3 for B2B, SMB, Mid-size, Enterprise, Extended Enterprise
  • Insights into the state of the Industry
  • Breakout of the LMS industry, including the latest sub-sets in the space


The author, Craig Weiss, stresses that vendors in the Report did not pay an application fee and warrants that the Report is “100 percent independent, analysis”. Moreover, vendors are drawn from all over the world and a system is included in the Report if it ‘scores’ highly enough in the evaluation criteria.