Among the recent projects undertaken by Waste King – a specialist collections, clearance and recycling company that focuses on providing a service which is highly environmentally friendly – are:


  • Supplying two waste pods, along with one box for hazardous waste and two boxes for spent fluorescent tubes to Queens’ School in Bushey, near Watford. According to the school, which was designated a High Performing School in 2007 and, the following year, became a Specialist Sports and Science College, its researches showed that Waste King’s rates are highly cost effective and its staff load the waste – allowing the school’s staff to get on with their job of educating the school’s pupils rather than moving rubbish.


  • A waste truck collection for Valiant Mission Build (VMB), a Christian charity – run by Stephen Macgregor – which provides building works for people in need. VMB’s aim is to bring hope and kindness to young people, single parents and the disadvantaged through improving their physical living conditions, enabling them to build and maintain a good family home.


Stephen was so delighted with Waste King’s service that he intends to use Waste King for all VMB’s future waste collections.


  • Removing over one tonne of rubbish and between nine and 14 yards of waste from each of three open air theatre sets in Hampstead and Islington. The waste included all the wood from the sets, along with various metals and some ‘general junk’.


  • Removing – and recycling – waste from the set of a TV show being filmed by ITV. Among the items that Waste King was able to recycle was a ‘Batman belt’, which became a highly prized trophy for one of the company’s operatives!

Waste King's Darren - and the recycled Batman belt.


Waste King’s managing director, Glenn Currie, commented: “We seem to be being asked to get involved in an increasing range of rubbish removal and recycling projects. In addition to our traditional customers in the commercial world and among the general public, schools and charities, along with theatre and television companies, are calling on our services.


“As Queens’ School has discovered, when it comes to waste storage, the waste pod provides excellent security, privacy, safety and flexibility – since users can customise the look of the pod and add a host of accessories to ensure their waste storage suits their needs. Moreover, our licenced and insured teams are well qualified to deal with all types of hazardous waste – which, otherwise, might cause a problem when they need to be disposed of.


“I’m sure that Queens’ School – along with all our customers – have made an excellent choice,” he added.